How To Attract Clients, Without Chasing Them
Written by Joslyn Marie on May 1st 2020
One of the major struggles online businesses have, is how to attract customers without having to chase them down. In your face advertising that screams “buy my stuff” without showing any real value or really listening to what the customers needs, is fast becoming and eye rolling turn off for most consumers in todays market. 

This is because they are tired of being chased down, when most of the time what is being sold to them doesn’t even fix their problems or address their real needs. 

It becomes a turning point where you not only lose customers if you are chasing, but you do long term damage to your business and your brand. 

So how do you go from chasing customers to attracting your ideal clients. 

Simply by providing value, addressing your ideal customers real needs and solving their biggest problems with what you have to offer. There are a few ways you can do this, that will then have your ideal customers coming to you.

A new unique attraction method, that is designed to take potential clients from not knowing you to becoming a life long customer, is the most powerful advertising method today. Simply because by you knowing when to provide value and when to encourage your potential customer to take action, you automatically build the “know, like and trust” factor with your brand. This is the single most important way to turn skeptical buyers into life long loyal customers, that can’t wait to refer other people to your brand as well. 

By setting up content on social media that leads your ideal customers into an enrolment funnel, you can then continue to build a relationship with them and provide more value to them.  Allowing you to go from chasing to attracting your customers on autopilot. 

Using these methods you are able to attract the right type of customers to your business, consistently. This process takes out the non serious buyers and allows you to minimise contact, so that you don’t spend countless hours talking to or marketing to people who won’t convert into sales. 

In the process you save yourself from burning out. Which allows you to spend your time and energy focused on scaling your business. 

You can then deliver incredible results to those customers, knowing they are the perfect type of client to work with in your business. 

From there you can simply start to use other methods like paid ads. This allows you to scale your business, giving you the option to replace your full time income, with a sustainable, scaleable business model that won’t leave you burning out and trading time for money every day. 

You will never have to use the old methods of chasing down clients, spending all your time and money on working out what will and won’t attract your ideal customers to you, so you can build your online agency. 

You can see why so many business owners are dropping the old way of "chasing" to get customers, for the new client attraction methods instead. 

This is a powerful way to build an online sustainable business. One that will have customers coming to you and asking you as the expert to help them grow their business. Allowing you to finally see results with your marketing methods and stand out in the busy space of the online world today. 

Joslyn Marie

Joslyn Marie is the executive assistant to Ben Oberg & Alaa Khassa, and a Digital Profit Agency owner. She is a qualified human behaviour coach. She has a passion to help others take the energy of their brand and help grow it to six figures and beyond, all from the methods used and taught through digital profit agency. This course has allowed her to create her own success online in the digital marketing agency. 

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