Highest Paying Marketing Skills In 2020 And Beyond.
Written by Joslyn Marie on April 20th 2020
Do you know what the highest paying marketing skills to have in 2020 and beyond are? When you are looking at what businesses need in today's online landscape, you will notice there are two key things that can either make or break a businesses success. 

Without these two things done effectively thousands of dollars and countless hours of work can all be wasted, with business owners experiencing little to no return on their marketing and advertising efforts. That is why more business owners are looking at hiring experts in these areas to help them do the digital marketing and advertising for them. 

What separates the most successful brands on facebook from those who fail is having proper sales funnels and ads put in place, that are monitored and optimised by someone with expertise so the  customers actually get results and returns on their investments.

Advertisers around the globe in 2019 are reported to have spent over $67.37 billion on Facebook Ads alone. The average Facebook users are getting bombarded with ads in their news feeds, their stories, and even messenger inboxes. That is just on facebook alone. These days if you want to grab the attention of an audience on Facebook, chasing them down with “Here’s my product, buy now!” isn’t going to cut it. In fact it can do more damage than good to brand who advertise that way.  

By using sales funnels, you can convert cold audiences on Facebook by using multiple stages and touch points, with different ad creatives, emphasizing unique value propositions. This takes your ideal audience and turns them into paid customers who rave about your services. 

The reason why Facebook ads and sales funnels are in high growing demand is because of the way the digital world is giving access to consumers around the world 24/7. 

In the past the average website has a conversions of an abysmal 1-3%, with recent studies showing an average of 1.84% and 1.77% in 2020.

That means the vast majority of visitors are NOT ready to buy. So more and more businesses are looking at ways to increase their traffic and close more deals. The sales funnel and advertising expert today will only be in even higher demand tomorrow, as more and more businesses look to gain a competitive advantage by hiring the experts in these fields to help them stand out in the busy online space. A space that is constantly changing and evolving. 

If you can become an expert in these two fields, not only will you be creating a viable and sustainable business model for years to come, you will also be able to position yourself in an exciting industry that gives high job satisfaction and allows you to be your own boss, working on your own terms in an industry that is only going to keep growing in years to come.

Joslyn Marie

Joslyn Marie is the executive assistant to Ben Oberg & Alaa Khassa, and a Digital Profit Agency owner. She is a qualified human behaviour coach. She has a passion to help others take the energy of their brand and help grow it to six figures and beyond, all from the methods used and taught through digital profit agency. This course has allowed her to create her own success online in the digital marketing agency. 

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